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To live from your heart, means to shout 'YES' to living a life filled with meaning, purpose and joy.

Through being true to yourself, you allow yourself to be free of old, limiting or conditioned behavior. This can enable you to make empowering and uplifting choices for yourself and help you design a life that you love.

When you choose to live in a way that deeply honors your feelings, you will put yourself on the path to living life from your heart, and creating health and happiness.

In this article, I share that the key to living from your heart is linked to your feelings and what you can do to work with your feelings so that you can live an incredible life.

1. Start listening to your feelings.

Did you know that your feelings are speaking to you all the time?

They are speaking to you via your emotions, which is the language of your feelings. All your emotions, including frustration, anger, disappointment, regret, happiness and joy are simply your feelings and your heart trying to communicate with you. When you feel sad, notice what is making you sad. When you feel happy notice what is making you happy.

A sign that you are not listening to your feelings is when you are suffering with an addiction. This may be emotional eating, drinking, smoking or shopping in excess.  Addictive behavior can be a form of self-medication. The stronger your addiction, the more you are suppressing your emotions.  

Either you can choose to :

(a) Suppress your feelings (through more addictive behaviour). Or,

(b) Connect with your feelings (so that you can begin to express yourself).

If you want to live from your heart, the first step is to take the time to listen to your feelings. Your feelings are your inner voice and have much to tell you about living life from your heart-center.

2. Connect with your feelings.

Instead of choosing the path of addiction, there are many ways that you can connect with your feelings.

One of my favorite ways to connect with my feelings is to write them down on paper. Think of this exercise as receiving, a ‘letter’ from your heart. This is such a powerful way to connect with your feelings because writing your feelings down on paper, serves as a sacred (and safe) space for your heart to express itself to you.  

This is how I do it.

I take 3 pieces of blank A4 paper and then I give myself plenty of time and permission to write.  I have no topic, no agenda and no plan. I just start writing and see what words come out. I write unrestricted and uncensored.

When you do this, release any expectations. Let go of what you should or shouldn’t be feeling or writing and instead, simply notice what is present for you. And, then just start writing.

Typically, what emerges at first is just stuff; unimportant, routine things about the weather, my to- do-list and whatever else is on my mind.

But, around the 1.5 page mark, my writing starts to shift. This is where I start to write about how I am feeling.

This point is my ‘A-ha’ moment.

This is where something always emerges that shows me how I am really feeling about something. Often this is something that I may have been totally unconscious about it or something that I was vaguely aware of but wasn’t ready to acknowledge.

Now, armed with my new awareness of being connected to my feelings, I am able to make different choices for myself.

3. Express your feelings.

With this new level of awareness of my inner truth, I am more easily able to express my feelings to myself and to other people.

Be true to yourself. Draw on inner courage to express how you feel, even if it means letting someone down. Inevitably, in the long term, doing what is right for you will always be best for others as well.

Give yourself permission to speak your truth.  Let your feelings guide you back to your heart center, so that you can do what is right for you and your life.

Remember that no-one knows you better than you; no expert, guru or teacher. When you listen and connect with your feelings, you will connect with a powerful place within you, enabling you to express your truth, guided by your heart, passions and sense of purpose.

You can live from your heart…

Know that your feelings are always speaking to you, ready to support and guide you beyond your comfort zone, towards growth.

Maybe your heart knows that you are ready for transition. Perhaps, it is time to change careers, start a new relationship, end an old one, go travelling, move house, go on a yoga retreat or follow your dreams.

Practice cultivating your inner courage and strength so that you can listen, connect and express your feelings. A gentle process of self-enquiry will allow you to act according to your own feelings, so that you can let go of the opinions of others.

As you make positive choices that support your dreams and goals, you put yourself on the path of living life on your own terms. Listen to your feelings and let them guide your actions, so that you can live life from your heart and create an amazing life that you love.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo

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Katrina Love Senn

I am an international yoga teacher, retreat leader and healer. I help women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

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