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Do you often feel exhausted? Do you suffer with low energy levels? Do you feel run down?

Have you ever wished that you could just take a pill that would give you an instant energy boost? The good news is that you don’t have to.

Here are 5 of my favorite (and natural) ways to boost your energy levels and feel great immediately! I hope that these healthy ideas can help you feel better, healthier and more alive today...

1. Drink a big glass of lemon water

Drinking lemon water is like giving yourself an instant energy boost. Lemon water tastes zesty and wakes up your taste buds, as well as your mouth, throat area and digestive system.

Lemon water is a hydrating and refreshing drink, which the cells in your body will love. It is naturally detoxifying and will naturally help your body achieve health.

For best results, get into the habit of drinking a big glass of warm lemon water every morning and you will definitely notice the difference in your energy levels throughout the day.

2. Connect to the power of your breath

The next time you feel stressed, remind yourself that your breath is your true life force energy.

The great thing about breathing is the simplicity of it. Breathing is so easy (even a baby can do it). Breathing can be done anywhere and you don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment. You just need yourself.

All you need to do is bring your awareness and your focus to your breath. It can be nice to close your eyes as it shuts out the noise and distraction of the outside world. In this quiet, relaxing place notice your inhalation and your exhalation.

Notice your lungs moving with each inhalation, and each exhalation. Let it feel expansive and wonderful! For an instant energy hit, breathe deeply 5-10 times, feeling yourself connected and in deep appreciation for each breath.

3. Stretch and massage your neck muscles

A really quick way to increase your energy levels is to flood the cells of your body with fresh oxygen. An easy and super quick way to do this is to ease tightness by releasing tension in your neck and shoulder muscles.

You can do this in the form of a self-massage on your neck and shoulders. Just massage gently into your neck using your finger tips and different levels of gentle pressure, moving across your neck and shoulders, wherever feels comfortable for you to reach.

If you are feeling indulgent, why not book a holistic shoulder and neck massage. It truly is a wonderful way to reconnect back to yourself and feel great!

4. Do some gentle yoga stretches

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to bring new, fresh energy and inspiration into my life. I love to move my body in lots of different ways in my yoga practice, including gentle yoga stretches, as well as move challenging yoga poses.

If you are new to yoga, I recommend starting with a yoga pose that feels wonderful for you. Try child's pose (balasana) by kneeling on your mat and stretching your hips back to your ankles. Place your hands on your yoga mat, stretching them arms out in front of you, or take them back towards your feet. Place your forehead on the ground or rest it on a pillow. Open your mouth and breathe all the way into your belly.

Another lovely way to boost your energy levels with yoga is to go on a yoga retreat. Going on a yoga retreat can be deeply transformational, as it helps you to have some time out for quiet contemplation. This can help you to see things from a different perspective, find balance and let go of stress.

5. Connect back to your voice with singing or chanting

You don’t have to be a singer to express yourself with your voice.

When I was young, I had a painful experience around singing that made me feel self-conscious of my voice. For many years, I never felt comfortable with my voice.

But when I started teaching yoga classes, I realized that many of my students loved chanting ‘OM’ in class. This was when I realized I wanted to heal my old fear of ‘being heard’. Music in all its’ different forms is a powerful way to heal your body and energize your life.

It is your birthright to feel alive and energized!

Use these 5 ideas to help you have more energy and feel more alive throughout your day.

And, now it’s your turn. What tools and habits do you use to give you energy? Leave me a comment below. I look forward to reading them.

With so much Love,

From my heart to yours,


Katrina Love Senn xo


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Katrina Love Senn

I am an international yoga teacher, retreat leader and healer. I help women to lose weight naturally, heal emotional eating and start living their dreams.

I am the author of two ground breaking books Losing Weight is A Healing Journey and Heal Emotional Eating For Good.

I am also the creator of Healing Meditations for Natural Weight Loss and Healing Meditations for Emotional Eating.

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